I am July

Updated: Sep 11

Radiant. Arresting. Seductive.

Has a particular gemstone come to mind yet?

If you guessed Ruby, you’re on point.

As bared in the Birthstone Wall Art Collection, ruby is the only gemstone associated with July birthdays, along with being the traditional 15th and 40th anniversary gift.

In fact, the 40th anniversary is referred to as “Ruby Anniversary”, marking four decades of dedicated love and passion.

Treasured throughout history and said to have existed since the dawn of time, the name “ruby” originates from rubeus, meaning “red” in Latin.

In ancient India, “ruby” translated to ratnaraj, which meant “King of Precious Stones” in reference to its beauty, rarity, mystical powers, and hardness (9 on the Mohs scale; the second hardest natural gemstone with diamond being the hardest).

Officially adopted as July’s birthstone in 1912, rubies are a naturally occurring variety of corundum, a crystal made of aluminum oxide. The richness and depth of the color red is solely influenced by the oxidation state and the concentration of chromium.

Ruby ranges from deep “blood” red to a paler rose-red, similar to what's depicted in the “I am July” wall art. And just as you may have assumed, the color of a ruby affects its value.

Speaking of value - rubies are one of the four precious gemstones, alongside diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, and can be ultra expensive.

Symbolizing passion, prosperity, and protection, July’s ruby has been revered since ancient times, especially in Asian countries. As early as 200 BC, history suggests rubies were traded along China's North Silk Road.

Chinese noblemen believed the gemstone had protective powers, leading them to adorn their armor with rubies to keep them safe during battle. Burmese warriors did the same, but for added protection, they embedded rubies into their skin.

Medieval Europeans held the belief that rubies gifted its owners and wearers wisdom, health, success in love, and wealth.

The vividly-colored, red ruby is also known for other benefits and properties, still believed to be true today.

Ruby’s magnetizing power promotes positive dreams, clear visualizations, positivity, and self-confidence. Rubies are also known to help overcome lethargy, apathy, and hyperactivity, as well as detoxify the blood and lymph systems.

Further, the gemstone is said to stimulate the reproductive organs, kidneys, adrenals, and spleen.

Although some of the most sought-after “blood” red to purple rubies are sourced in Southeast Asia and on the continent of Africa, you can own “I am July”, regardless of where you reside.